Sunday, 3 February 2013

Travels Past 'n' Present

Edinburgh Castle - Taken Friday 26 January 2013
Catching up with things after a great long weekend in Edinburgh last week, getting our Scottish culture fix for Burn's Nicht and now back home have been busy planning with Dave, Accent UK's comic show schedule for 2013.

We're still finalising details and some events have yet to release their table bookings but at the moment it's shaping up very nicely with trips round the UK, a jaunt to New York and the very welcome return of one of our fondest shows, in Denmark now renamed the Copenhagen Comics Festival!.

I've added a wee list to the side of the blog of forthcoming and likely shows and will no doubt post more about them as they arise, but hopefully there should be plenty of opportunity to catch up with us and our latest releases this coming year.


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