Thursday 23 November 2023

Journey To The Centre of Space!

This weekend marks my final event of the year and an enjoyable one it promises to be too, Steampunks in Space at the National Space Centre in Leicester.

This will be my third voyage there and its become a firm favourite, the steampunk spectacle dotted around the amazing Space Museum exhibits with this year's Jules Verne inspired theme Journey To The Centre of the Earth - see Doctor Geof's fun homage to the 1959 James Mason classic movie above!

Saturday also marks #ScottishComicBookDay as a celebration of Scotland's contribution to the comic book industry with a few different events happening on the day across Scotland itself so with apologies to the aforementioned, Doctor Geof, here's my adaptation of his poster for Scottish Comic Book Day!

Well every time we head North we usually end up staying or stopping in Perth so it's a fun wee journey we make there and of course amongst its great history, Perth is home to the Royal Scottish Geographical Society so I think they would approve!

Anyway for those journeying to Leicester, here's a wee map to help you find me and the other fine artists, authors and attractions this weekend including ZULU: Water Cart Rescue (Deluxe) cover artist, Paul McCaffrey and that fine fellow, Doctor Geof himself!

Tuesday 21 November 2023

Thought Bubbled!

Thanks to all who came, chatted and bought comics at Thought bubble, it really was a great one this year, busy and a lot of fun, much of that from catching up with folk and creators you don't often see :)

As usual, took very few photos but did get a chance to have a look round the other halls for a little bit and be suitably impressed and inspired by the high standards of creative talent on show, bravo!

The Zulu Hardcover was very well received with the signed n sketched edition most popular so thanks again for everyone's support and Paul McCaffrey for his great cover and of course Matt Soffe for his glorious colours.

It's taking me an age to get a shop linked to this page but if anyone wants a copy in the meantime just message me below or through Scott's Pops & Comics Facebook page link !

Thursday 9 November 2023

Thought Bubble Beckons!

Always a delight to return to Thought Bubble, the UK's premier pure comics convention and a chance to catch up with seldom seen friends and discover new creators and inspirations.

This year I'm in the Bubbleboy Hall, the last of the three dedicated comics halls in Harrogate's convention centre but all are brimming with talent and temptations.

If you're there please say 'hi' and if not, check out their festival website here and exhibitors list here and consider visiting in the future :)

This year's avatar - a cropped ZULU panel

Saturday 28 October 2023

Winter Campaign 2023!

Jings what happened to 2023? Well it's still here and not over yet, thank goodness! I'm trying to make the most of the forthcoming winter months with a varied selection of events coming up which all promise to be fun.

I've the town wide family attractions Bury Comic-Con where I'm nicely placed in the twon's regimental museum, The Fusiliers alongside Doctor Who and Star Wars actors followed by Thought Bubble in Harrogate, the UK's premier 'pure' comics festival and a great place to discover new works and be suitably inspied, then ending my convention season with the fun packed Steampunks in Space at the National Space Centre in Leicester, a truly 'out of this world' experience!

Links for all can be found on the right so please pop along if you're in the area or need an excuse for a day out, because as someone once said, Winter is Coming!

Thursday 5 October 2023

Bristol Beckons!

Really looking forward to a long awaited return to Bristol's Comic Expo this Saturday! This is The  comics event from back in the day (was the first in 1999?) which inspired me to make my own comics and put them out there, first fully tabling as an exhibitor in, I think, 2002, after assisting for a bit a Shane Chebsey's Smallzone table the year before.

So, many happy memories and pleased that the guest and exhibitor list includes so many of us who went to those early events and have carried on in the UK comics scene ever since. Just shows the power of comics and following your 'dreams' which can bring great joy and satisfaction if not riches!

The one day event is actually in the same hotel that it moved to all those years ago, so should bring back a few good memories, come and say hi and find out what's changed in the 20 years or so as fittingly I'll have a few more advance copies of my expanded ZULU Water Cart Rescue deluxe hardcover with me, back at the show where it originally debuted!

I'll be in the ballroom, with a bunch of talented folk with guests both there and the Park Suite  :)

Friday 8 September 2023

Asylum XIII came and conquered!

Well that came and went so quickly! This year's fab Asylum Steampunk Festival just zoomed by but was terrific fun as always! We were based in the Castle Exhibition Marquee this year within the grounds of Lincoln Castle so felt more part of the festival and were certainly more visible compared to last year's prison arrangements which were still fun.

I was delighted that my new full length ZULU: Water Cart Rescue graphic novel arrived in time and had its debut (yes this is the much promised 'Deluxe Edition' with new stories & features etc - watch this space for updates on how to order! :)) and it enjoyed a positive response.

I adapted my Clash of Empires Zulu presentation for the Steampunk crowd, this time called, 'Some You Win, Some Zulus!' to appreciative groans, well I'm sure they were appreciative?

Also David Morris (Time Bomb Comics) and I reprised our successful Penny Dreadful creative art workshop from last year's event with even more takers, fun and amazing headlines and sketches, which sadly I think we forgot to take copies off - ah you had to be there to share the silly splendidness!

I'm short of time (as always) but will attempt to post more pictures from this favourite festival later but in the meantime here's a couple of fab photos of yours truly and Mrs M followed by a great snap by Diana Clark of the aforementioned David Morris with talented artist Paul McCaffrey (Adler, Anno Dracula and Zulu cover artist of course!) and his good lady, Tracey showing some of the finest comics and graphic novels that were available there.

                Stay Splendid!


Friday 11 August 2023

Redcoat History - Colin Chats Comics!

Busy, busy but anyone missing my dulcet tones should listen to Chris Parkinson's interview with me discussing the inspiration and development of my Zulu War Comics! This was our full chat as featured on Chris's You Tube channel as part of the Clash of Empires exhibition.

Download the episode here and check out Chris's library of other interesting military history interviews and discussions and if you've not seen Chris and I's fun video chat here.