Friday, 13 November 2020

Creating Comics!

Catching up with things, here's a wee link to the short  'Creating Comics' video I made for Sanctuary Online, the virtual alternative to the annual Asylum Steampunk Festival.

In the video, I run through my process behind the 'Heart's Desire' story featured in last year's Accent UK Return to the Asylum comic - see also an earlier blog post featuring this and also here for a short animation of this, now famous wee story, prepared for 2020's earlier virtual steampunk gathering, Steam over Ether!.

 The whole youtube channel from the Ministry of Steampunk is worth a look for many other fun and informative videos, talks & music. Speaking of music, if you watch my video and like mystery's you can also discover my secret 80's musical crush :)

Friday, 26 June 2020

2020 Gone ?

Ah, in not unexpected news both September's re-arranged Edinburgh Comic-Con and November's Thought Bubble Festival have now been cancelled due of course to the coronavirus pandemic. Both events immediately confirmed their return for 2021 at their respective venues and regular calendar spots. Obviously everyone's health, well being and safety have determined that this was the sensible course of action but does starkly lay bare the massive impact the virus has had on our shared hobby and community with this year's calendar of events effectively wiped out.

There are still a couple of potential events in the autumn/winter timeslots that have yet to make an annoucement, (or to invite exhibitor applications) but it seems unlikely they will be able to proceed for the same health & safety reasons and/or for logistical, economic reasons as the UK, and sadly most of the world, face an uncertain immediate future.

Thought Bubble have quickly confirmed that they will fill their now vacated November dates with a virtual event so we'll see how that goes and there are similar recent announcements about  Asylum, our cherished steampunk festival doing likewise, which should be fun, if the earlier 'Steam Over Ether' event was anything to go by, so there are a couple of highlights to look forward to in an otherwise empty landscape.

At Accent UK HQ, we are, like all independent creators feeling the pinch as planned releases, appearances and of course earnings have taken a hit. We remain though optimistic and with the likes of Kickstarter - still time to check out the current succesful Kia Wordsmith campaign - we are exploring available avenues and platforms to make our future endeavours available and are using the unexpected free time to develop a surprise or two.

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

50,000 Adventures!

Aha, welcome all as it seems this blog is about to celebrate 50,000 views since first launched a few years back! I'm not sure if that's good, bad or average as certainly blogs seems less fashionable in this brave new instant world, but I'm happy enough with those numbers.

Of course, it's impossible to guage how many are genuine 'hits' and readers as opposed to 'bots' but it remains a milestone of such. My commitment to post updates and news remains but as observed in recent years, this will be determined by my own available time and enthusiasm so it's unlikely that I'll do any lengthy articles or convention reports like in the good ol' days - hey I'm not even sure I know what a convention is anymore!

Comic projects, art and news are though all progressing behind the scenes so I should have more to talk about and announce in the near future so please stick around and a big 'Thank You' for dropping by and sharing my Moments of Adventure!

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

SHAKA Comic!

While checking on the new rewards and excellent progress of Kia Wordsmith, Accent UK's current Kickstarter campaign, I stumbled upon the interesting sounding SHAKA comic, also currently funding on Kickstarter!

The video and campaign details speak for themselves but this promises to be a fun and dramatic re-telling of King Shaka's legend and the origins of the mighty Zulu nation, both subjects close to my heart! I'm not familiar with the creators, who seem to be based in Australia with South African roots but it all looks amazing.

Comics. History and Zulu's what's not to love, please check it out and remember PDF's are a good economic option if international shipping proves costly.

Monday, 1 June 2020

Kia Wordsmith Continues!

The Kickstarter for Dave West's and Ian Ashcroft's second Kia Wordsmith comic is now live and looks to be an exciting continuation of the story. Please check it out here where both issues to date can be ordered!

John Freeman at his Down The Tubes comic news site also features the campaign here.

Sunday, 31 May 2020

Scottish or English Splank?

Splank NHS Thank You art by Joseph McCafferty
Further to my mentions of the newly launched Splank digital comic annual, thought it might be fun to compare the 'Scottish' and 'English' versions of one of my strips!

I have other contributions in Splank 2020, but the panels below come from a fun one-page strip called 'Boom from the Room', which is a hospital inspired piece originally included in Colin Maxwell's CHAS charity comic. The story is fired by children's imagination, regardless of where they are and was originally in black and white and, CHAS, being a Scottish charity, in my native Scot's dialect. It was fun to do and perhaps a homage of sorts to my artistic hero, Dudley Dexter Watkins, of Oor Wullie and Broons fame; Boom from the Room = Broon?

The very talented and reliable Matt Soffe provided the colours and for the strip's new audience, I took the opportunity to 'translate' the dialogue into something more recongisable to most readers, although I do have rather a fondness for the original!

Don't forget to download Splank! for the full story and some 150 pages of comic goodness and also to please contribute to editor Peter Duncan's NHS fundraiser if you are able.

Friday, 29 May 2020

Splank! Annual 2020!

John Farrelly's epic Splank 2020 annual cover!

Delighted to see the coverage that Peter Duncan's Splank! digital comic collection is receiving since it's launch a couple of days ago. It's a monster of a comic collection and just perfect for this warm sunny spell we're (hopefully) all experiencing.

The collection is free to download and is an entertaining diversion for these odd times but also provides a showcase for the contributing artists who, like myself, have lost income through the cancellation of all comic conventions and events and also acts as an NHS fundraiser.

I was delighted therefore to submit a couple of pieces including a special NHS message and, for the first-time, the Matt Soffe coloured version of my one-page strip, 'Boom from the Room', originally a black n white hospital inspired piece for Colin Maxwell's CHAS charity comic. It's fun to finally see it in all it's glorious colour alongside many other talented contributors.

Please check out Peter's contributor links for more information and download a version to read, (I found the Google Drive download option the most user friendly for my kindle) and consider making a contribution if you are able. Splank!

Coverage at the always reliable Down The Tubes comic news site is also worth reading and includes a link to an interview with Peter himself.