Monday, 27 April 2020

Heart's Desire - The Movie!

Ha! Ha! That was truly wonderful! Thhe splendid Steam Over Ether virtual Steampunk Festival has unvieled the world premiere of the first Accent UK comic strip to be animated!

Heart's Desire was one my strips from last year's Return To The Asylum comic, ably coloured by the very talented Matt Soffe. As stated, the strip was inspired by a truly lovely moment at the previous year's festival, involving two members of the longstanding steampunk community (and Asylum Festival family), which I used as the basis of a story featuring their ertswhile personas, Count Rostov and Lady M.

The story was fun to produce and thankfully well received by readers and the couple themselves and that was more or less that, until a fairly recent online discussion between the Count's alter ego and myself led to a suggestion to apply the 'radio-play' treatment to the comic strip and well that was the easy part, Keith himself and of course Malika did the rest with a wee nod from Mr B.

Well you can now see for yourself how things turned out here where the finished video was revealed in all it's splendid glory, there's even an 'after credits' bonus scene of the moment that inspired the whole undertaking! Oh, the video starts about 2 or 3 mins in but worth watching the whole thing including the Brigadier's short reading before and some Scottish chap chuntering about comics afterwards :)

Sunday, 26 April 2020

The SteamPaper Shopping Channel!

As part of this weekend's splendid and fun SteamPunk Over Ether virtual festival, support of the contributing artists, musicians and performers is encouraged, all of whom have had their incomes directly affected by cancellation of events and gatherings so if you are in a position to show them any support, please do so.

There will be a dedicated shopping channel featured on the Steampaper page at or around 3pm today  but please check the channel's schedule for confirmation. Don't forget though that all performances, demonstrations and chatter will be subsquently available for 'catch up' on videos on the Steampaper facebook page.

In that spirit, you can also purchase copies of some of our comics in print or digitally by contacting me or checking out the etsy store, any difficulty, please comment below, thank you.

Saturday, 25 April 2020

Steam over Ether is here!

This weekend is the splendid Steampunk Online Festival, Steampunk Over Ether which is guaranteed to bring you some fun, surprises and entertainments across the ether far and wide!

Accent UK comics have already been involved in the festival's run-up with our wee interview alongside, Time Bomb comics friend and frontman, Steve Tanner - available to catch up here!

There are lots of more treats, demonstrations and musical performances to enjoy, so please check out the event's schedule and tune in when you can or catch up afterwards.

I should also mention, that on a personal note, I'm particularly excited for the festival's world premiere of an innovative 'comic-play-animation' of my steampunk story, 'Heart's Desire', dramatised by the characters themselves aka Count Rostov and Lady M!

I'll post a link to the comic video when available but please check out Steam over Ether's weekend schedule and Steampaper's own page to discover some splendid new diversions!

Saturday, 18 April 2020

Hello There!

Hi there if you find yourself directed here through a link from some of our cancelled convention or festival appearances. I'm part of an independent comic creator collective producing a diverse range of comic strips and publications, please browse this blog and its links for various information, commentary and surprises on comic, history and related subjects.

Please also have a read of some of my short comic strips posted recently to provide an insight into what we do and a wee distraction to your day :)

Sunday, 12 April 2020

Comic Chats & Hats!
Well that was fun, big thanks to SteamPaper's presenter Keith for herding us all t'other night in a nice Comics  Double Feature Team-Up Crossover chat with Dave and I representing Accent UK and Time Bomb's founder & scribe, Steve Tanner.

It was really good to see each other and chew the fat on our respective comic creating approaches and forthcoming projects. Keith ably guided us through the 'techy set-up' bits and it seemed to be well received with several live comments and questions.

Thanks to all who viewed or commented and don't worry if you missed it, it's available on demand direct from Keith's SteamPaper facebook page here and scroll around for several other entertaining interviews and news on the forthcoming SteamPunk over Ether event appearing in this brave new virtual world on 25th & 26th April! 

Thursday, 9 April 2020

Steampunk in the Air?

Greetings and a heads up that a wonderful idea to fill t'ether with fine Steampunk art, music, makers, creators & happenings in a virtual festival is gathering apace for 25 & 26 April 2020! The gathering is brainchild of the estemmed Steampaper team and has been warmly embraced by the community since being first whispered about.

Please register your interest here and also check out Steampaper's own facebook pages where Mr Keith is currently conducting a series of online live interviews with various talented folks who dance to a Steampunk strut!

All interviews to date can be accessed from SteamPaper's facebook page under the page's video menu on t'left! A fine, hearty line up there is too :)

And if you are suffering withdrawal symptons form seeing your favourite comic book creators why not tune into Steampaper Live tomorrow from 6:30 pm when Keith will bravely be trying to re-connect Accent UK's Dave West and yours truly with our ol' pal, Steve Tanner of Time Bomb comics! One of us is in the North, one the South, one the Midlands and one a secret location!

What could possibly go wrong? Will any of us dress up for the occasion, has any of us gone native or stir crazy during these strange times, will any of us reveal some hitherto closely guarded secrets of creating comics? Who knows, but you can find out by tuning to SteamPaper Live,  Friday 6:30 pm!

And don't forget to sign-up to SteamPaper's own mailing list for the latest steampunk news!

Saturday, 4 April 2020

MacBeth Comic Strip!

Hello again and best wishes at this difficult time. In the absence of planned comic convention and festival appearances, please browse another of my short stories, this time featuring the mysterious Cornelius MacBeth. Enjoy and scroll down for previous stories :)
 Story & Art by Colin Mathieson             Colours by Aljosa Tomic 

This story and others can be found in the first issue of Moments of Adventure which you can order a special signed & sketched printed copy from our Etsy store, thank you.

Free Comic Resources!

Our good friend Garen Ewing has made available some great resource relating to his wonderful Rainbow Orchid comic series in the form of spot the difference, wordsearches, puzzles and more, all for free downloadable from his, always interesting, blog here.

Many other comic creators and publishers are also making some of their work available for free to help keep you and your kids occupied during this odd time. John Freeman who runs the informative, Down The Tubes comics news site is keeping tabs on them here.

So you find yourself with some extra time on your hands, have a wee browse you may discover some great new creative work and have some fun at the same time :)