Sunday, 30 December 2012


Hi there, well seems I've gotten the 'lazy blog' syndrome already (you were right Dave!) but that's not to say I haven't been busy with bits n bobs so we'll start a catch up with a belated look at the recent Kapow comic convention that Accent UK attended.

(The Kapow Hall)

Both Dave and Chris penned timely reports on the show so I'll just add that it was a real blast and lived up to expectations and despite the attendance apparently being down from 2011's inaugural show, we did great business with our best UK show since the lamented BICS last full 2 day show in 2010.

We didn't sell out like we'd done at February's new London Super convention (or more commonly referred to as The Stan Lee show!) but we had considerably more stock having 5 additional boxes delivered to the venue. The deliveries were one-way so the pressure was on to make sure we didn't have to lug them home on the last train to Crewe but somehow we managed so many, many thanks to all who popped by the table and gave our books a chance, really hope you enjoyed them.

(Tripwire's Joel Meadows makes the draw while Chris & Dave officiate!)

Among the top sellers were our newly released Zombies 2 and Westernoir titles where we had a successful raffle for artist Gary Crutchley's original pin up which was won by Dan Brown so congratulations to him and thanks to all who took part.

(UK Indie stalwarts Shane Chebsey and Dave Hitchcock were in attendance)
The show was good fun, well laid out and while as normal we saw nothing of the panels we saw a few celebs wandering around and got a flavour for some of the wrestling(!) and other madness. It seems to be a good time to be in comics just now with shows being more plentiful and professional and the public pretty receptive to the medium. Kapow was unashamedly a 'superhero' event but as with The Stan Lee show, we did very well despite not having any superhero titles! It just goes to show that (hopefully!) having a range of good quality books will attract new readers if they're given a chance to see the books and engage with the people behind them.

Well done to the Kapow! team and we plan to be back next year!