Monday, 13 April 2015

Busy But Getting Ready!

There's been a lot going on behind the scenes here these last few weeks with a couple of trips North and East, birthday's, arrivals and good creative work so excuse the quiet while I've been away!


Comics-wise I'm all inspired, not only by a wonderful trip to Brussels including the excellent Comic Museum full of original artwork but also by the equally wonderful colour work being undertaken by Matt Soffe as he breathes vibrant life into my Zulu Wars:Water Cart Rescue comics tale!

The newly coloured and expanded graphic novel will be released when ready which should be this side of summer all being well, sadly not quite in time for this weekend but will be worth the wait!

And what of this weekend? Well it's the UK's newest Comic event, The Birmingham Comic Festival this Saturday at Edgbaston cricket club that's what and mighty fun the event looks. It also marks Accent UK's first full convention appearance of 2015 and kicks off a fairly busy period for us for the rest of the year. The creative team behind Accent UK's hit ongoing series, WesterNoir will be there with the latest issue and maybe a few surprises too for what promises to be a fun day indeed.