Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The Troll Lands!

Been lovely hearing people's feedback on Martin Flink's wonderful The Troll book now that it's shipping it's way across the world courtesy of Diamond Comic Distributors.

It's been well received at the comic festival and shows we've done since it's preview launch back in June in Martin's native Copenhagen but now everyone can appreciate it's silent beauty.
A happy Martin Flink at Copenhagen Comics festival

The Troll has been warmly embraced by all most recently and notably by Stephen Holland, of renowned British independent comic shop, Page 45 who, in today's review calls it;

" unexpected silent pleasure and treasure!"

Read Stephen's full review here and if you're in the Nottingham area make sure you visit Page 45 to grab yourself a copy! If though you're not local to Page 45, you can try your own retailer - whether UK, US or anywhere worldwide, providing they have a Diamond account. Just ask them to order a copy using Diamond's code AUG150933 with which re-orders are being taken.

Alternatively catch up with Accent UK at November's Thought Bubble comic festival in Leeds or check both this blog and here for our 2016 comic festival schedule which is taking shape.

A page of Martin's delightful art from The Troll!
A perfect Hallowe'en or Winter treat to yourself!

Monday, 12 October 2015

Desktop View!

Mmm what's this I wonder? Well there's a reason for my quietness and not just my memorable African adventure but work is continuing on my re-mastered Zulu comic! The finished book will not only feature the splendid re-coloured and re-lettered, Water Cart Rescue story, thanks to Mr Matt Soffe, but also a brand new bonus story, following the events at Rorke's Drift 1879!

Matt Soffe's colours on a panel from Zulu:Water Cart Rescue

I had of course hoped to be further on by now but I'm notoriously slow at this writing and drawing lark but there are a few other things bubbling away too so I'm hoping that soon, very soon, there will be several new things from yours truly appearing on the Accent UK table before too long, including a much cherished project, watch this space!

Me somewhere special 2 weeks ago!
Somewhere Special (from the other side)
Someone Special (shaded!)