Saturday, 14 May 2016

Incoming Comics!


After an amazing Aberdeen trip and launch of my comic Moments of Adventure at Granite City Comic-Con (of which more later) and a fun appearance at Geek Box Comics in Newcastle-under- Lyme for Free Comic Book Day (Thanks Dave & Nic!), this week I took delivery of the balance of stock from those fine chaps at UK Comics Creative!

Nothing beats the ink smell of freshly printed comics and - smell apart - I think I was able to hide them away before Mrs M returned, phew!

Mrs M overcome by that new comics smell!

Full details of the comic will follow along but can now be ordered online from the Accent UK website here and will of course be available at all forthcoming comic shows that Accent UK are attending with London's behemoth MCM show being next at the end of this month, where #3 of Stephenson's Robot will also be making it's debut!