Monday, 31 December 2018

2018 Farewell

A wee panel from forthcoming Zulu graphic novel!

Aha, well maybe substitute 'Eddie' for 'Colin' and this image may sum up where I've been this year with my creative endeavours, struggling away in the face of overwhelming odds?

Well maybe not that dramatic, as it has in fact been a wonderful year of new experiences and travels with rather a few - ahem - Moments of Adventure. In the modern world though, most of these have been shared through my facebook page or Instagram so apologies that reportage has been  a tad slack here.

2018's limited edition release

Do not fear though, work continues on several fronts with an exciting trip and a new studio beckoning early in the New Year which should summon in a new creative burst to produce new material for the convention season - watch this space as they say!

Panel from my 'Life Support' contribution

Thanks to all who've stopped by, had a chat, offered encouragement and bought one of our comics this year, it really is appreciated more than you may realise.

Best wishes and see you in 2019!

Dressed for 2019 - or is that 1919?