Saturday, 28 March 2020

Zulu War Comic Strip!

Hello there, to help you all through this rather odd time, please enjoy this following short story with my compliments. Modestly it's one of my favourite comic strips I've produced! Scroll down for last week's one too, if you've not seen it! :)

Story & Art by Colin Mathieson             Colours by Matt Soffe

This story and others can be found in the first issue of Moments of Adventure which you can order a special signed & sketched printed copy from our Etsy store, thank you.

Saturday, 21 March 2020

Pirates Comic Strip!

Welcome! If you're missing the Accent UK Comics crew from one of our cancelled convention appearances, then please enjoy the following short story with our compliments :)

Story & Art by Colin Mathieson             Colours by Aljosa Tomic 


This story and others can be found in the second issue of Moments of Adventure which you can order a special signed & sketched printed copy from our Etsy store, thank you.

Thursday, 19 March 2020

Missing Comics?

Aha, well seeing the traffic from yesterday's post and in the need for some postive action, I thought  since people can no longer come to comic conventions, festivals and gatherings, why not bring our comics to the people!

I know not the most radical of ideas, but starting this week I'm going to post the pages from one of my short comic stories so you can see and read the sort of thing I do, much in the same way you may have browsed my work at a convention or gathering.

Also just like at an event, if you like what you see and want to read more, (and support an independent artist!), you may want to buy the whole issue and perhaps have it sent to you and signed for your collection or as a souvenir of your visit!

To that end, I've re-newed my dormant 'etsy shop' containing two of my comics in the 'Moments of Adventure' series from which most of the stories featured will come from. The store can be accessed both here and on the comic cover link on the right. You may even fancy a browse round other etsy comic stores for goodies?

Not quite the same as attending the show you and we had planned but brings a small bit of the trading and browsing experience to you so you know what to expect when normality returns and we meet on the 'convention circuit', whenever that may be.

Now bookmark and watch this space but please don't all rush at once, I've plenty of stock!


Wednesday, 18 March 2020


I hope all reading this is well and coping with the current situation as best as you can. The coronavirus is impacting everyone in almost everyway and we are no different, so can't really confirm plans for the foresable :(

Most of our intended or booked events prior to Summer 2020 have already been cancelled or postponed and those that currently remain are, quite rightly, subject to continual review as the situation and Government advice continues to evolve.

It is hoped that the post-summer events, (and maybe those earlier?) will be held as close to normal as possible but of course no-one really knows. I will continue to monitor those and update our events listing as and when it appears prudent to do so.

As most creatives are already 'self-isolated' working from home, we can hopefully crack on with our creative endeavours more or less as normal, but without an audience or an income, this will test our resolve more than normal.

Hamba Kahle / Go Well