Wednesday, 20 February 2013

London - Bring it On!


Only a couple of days to go until this year's London Super Comic Convention and if its anything like the inaugural show it promises to be a blast! Thinking back there was actually a lot of doubt over last year's show and whether it would be a success or not, being first-time organisers, aiming high with their guest list and clashing dates with another established show, but those fears were blown out of the water as soon as a certain sprightly 89 year old made his bold entrance, arms aloft, smiling that famous cheesy grin with a war cry of "Bring it On!".

Stan Lee is in a class of his own and this year's guest list, strong as it is, cannot compete with the whole razzmatazz that Stan brought, but what better way to have announced the shows arrival as a serious player on the UK comic scene. I have never before felt such a warm feelgood vibe at any show amongst everyone in attendance, punters, exhibitors, guests, staff and volunteers, it really was something special and I'm chuffed to bits that I was able to experience it with Scott and Chris, who along with Dave are all returning this year.

The guest list is still first class, a nice mix between old-school super-hero, Neal Adams, George Perez, Roy Thomas, Bob Layton and lots, lots more plus 'newer' creators like our good friend Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie and Dan Slott that Scott tells me writes the new Spider-Man series, check out the guest list for yourself it is very long and very impressive (no wonder Thought Bubble has already upped its own impressive game for 2013!).

The one guest I'm most looking froward to though isn't really a big name, Jeremy Bastian produces a wonderful quirky comic called Cursed Pirate Girl which has just been collected by Archaia Entertainment. I only managed to pick up the first issue a couple of years ago so but was blown away by his intricate artwork so delighted the story has been completed and collected, can't wait.

Oh, there is a table plan for the show and I know we're on D107 which I think is kind of top left in the 'yellow' section but my eyesight can't quite make out the numbers that clearly! Don't worry though, just look for the Accent UK banner and our smiling faces and you'll find us, (I won't though be making the mistake of wearing the same bright yellow t-shirt as the volunteers, for obvious reasons!). I think we've some five new books since last year so should be something new for you, - Bring it On!


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