Saturday, 19 January 2013

2012 Music

1. ENNIO MORRICONE: The Good The Bad & The Ugly (1967)
2. DEAD CAN DANCE: Anastasis (2012)
3. THE UNTHANKS: Last (2011)
4. CLASSICAL:100 Hits (2008)
5. BEIRUT: Riptide (2011)
6. KATE BUSH: The Dreaming (1982)
7. THE DOORS: The Very Best of (2007)
8. DEAD CAN DANCE: Wake (2003)
9. MARK KNOPFLER: Local Hero (1997)
10. KATE BUSH: 50 Words For Snow (2011)
The above are my favourite CD albums of last year, the ones that I reckon I turned to the most often. Mmm, looking at the list, I'm not the most contemporary of folk am I? However in my defence most of those albums were only bought last year (or within the last couple of years) so although 'old' in terms of their original release, they're pretty contemporary to me!

I did in fact buy several new releases last year including albums from Feist, Smoke Fairies and Amy MacDonald but although they've all got decent tracks on them, they haven't yet made it onto my regular 'play pile'.

Finally getting The Good, The Bad & The Ugly soundtrack was inspired by a rather excellent show by The Spaghetti Western Orchestra in Stoke last year, which itself was inspired by their TV performance at the proms from the Royal Albert Hall.

I mention this as we visited the Albert Hall for the first time in October to see the rather wonderful, enigmatic Dead Can Dance in their reunion concert. Their music is a recent discovery for me and I'm so pleased we managed to share in what was a very special event.



  1. I never saw you at the Spagetti Western orchestra playing at the Victoria hall, Colin. It were a crackin'night out. Karen and I loved it.

  2. I don't know how you missed me Gary, I was sat near the front with stetson and poncho and a cheroot cigar .... Wa-Wa-Oo (or something like that!)