Friday, 4 November 2016

All roads lead to Leeds!

Aaah, busy, busy had a wonderful few weeks touring round Scotland (twice!) taking in MCM Glasgow then Stok-Con-Trent, a pit stop at The Lakes, then Dundee Ian Kennedy masterclass (wow!), The Broons, down to London for the MCM behemoth and, as they say, much more! I honestly don't know if I'll get a chance to properly write these events up as we're again preparing for a show this weekend, the delightful Thought Bubble in Leeds which celebrates it's 10th anniversary and we've been lucky enough to be at every one!

So, hopefully more details to follow, along with an update on current comic projects but in the meantime here's a wee pic of some of the character sketches I've done for Leeds, together with the handy annotated map of where to find us in New Dock Hall, right, more later but must dash!


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