Tuesday, 13 September 2016

More Steampunk Pictures!

Some of my 'Moments of Adventure' sketches ahead of the show

As seen in my last posting, I rather enjoyed Accent UK's visit to the Asylum Steampunk Festival so wanted to share a few more of my pictures that there was no room for before;

A Steampunk Rocketeer? designed by Herr Doktor
Market stalls by the Cathedral - Embassy entrance to the rear
Strange Scribblings on the streets of Lincoln!
Boer War themed steampunker Alan!
Different costumes for.....
.....different days!

These folk had travelled from Sweden
This chap had a working mobile phone pack!

Excuse the blur on this fine looking couple
A return visit from the Baron and Lady P!

....see the detail!

This 'explorer' chap was amazing...

As for my favourite picture of the weekend? Sorry Dave, it still has to be this...

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