Thursday, 22 September 2016

Back to Scotland!

After almost a month's break, the Accent UK tour bus is rested and ready for a return journey to Glasgow, this time for a much anticipated return to the MCM Scotland show! We were fortunate to attend the inaugural show there back in 2013 and had an amazing time but sadly events and commitments have kept us away since, so we've missed out as it's developed, we understand, into a vibrant and successful two day show, rivalling MCM Manchester in it's attendance.

I think we've over a dozen new releases since 2013 so hopefully we'll find an appreciative audience waiting for us there, wish us luck!

The Accent UK team at Glasgow 2013 - Adam's started and completed his uni course since then!


  1. Was a real pleasure to meet Colin at MCM Glasgow, history and its interpretation means there are so many stories that can be told with a twist. Love the comic!

  2. Thank you very much William, a real pleasure to meet you too and chat with a genuine history buff. Enjoyed our eee trip to the museum too and hope we didn't surprise you too much!

    Keep in touch and we'll see what other historical delights I can cover ☺