Saturday, 9 April 2016

No Zulu's Round Here?

"Keep your head down Bromhead, the Ewing brothers have posted their podcast!"

Aha a quick wee post for those of you who've found your way here thanks to Garen and Murray Ewing's War Film's Podcast, featuring of course, ZULU! - and if you haven't yet had a wee listen check their well informed and entertaining thoughts here. 

Their shared blog also offers opinions and insights into other adventure and war movie classics like, A Bridge Too Far, The Man Who Would Be King, SHE, Lawrence of Arabia and the like so is well worth checking out and listening to when you can - see here for details!

"Quick - to the Adventure Films Podcast!"

Details of my own Zulu related posts on the movie, comics and my trips to Zululand can be accessed by clicking on the 'Zulu' topic on my blog labels to the lower right. A good place to start is probably my own recent re-watching of the movie at a classic cinema showing which can be found here and maybe followed by an earlier, 'all things Zulu' posting here.  

"No! Zulu:Water Cart Rescue is still out of print!"

My main related comic, ZULU:Water Cart Rescue! that Garen mentions, is currently out of print having sold out of both it's first and second editions some time ago. However I'm pleased to say that it has been re-mastered and brought vividly to life in glorious colour by the excellent Matt Soffe and, with a brand new back up strip, will be due for release as a graphic novel from Accent UK Comics later this year.
The news that Colin is to release a new comic was too much for some!

For those that can't wait, I am very soon to release a collection of some of my short comic strips under this blog's true title, Moments of Adventure which, amongst other delights, features a six page Zulu story, Day of the Dead Moon, with my explanation of why I think the Zulu's famously defeated the pride of the British Army at Isandlwana! 

Keep an eye on this blog for big news about that very soon - promise - and please check in from time to time for other comics and Zulu related news!


  1. Excellent stuff, Colin :-) Do email me your thoughts on the podcast, by the way ... Very interested to hear any criticisms from your more knowledgeable brain!

  2. Aha thanks Garen - I've listened to the first hour so far and enjoyed it, so unless it goes pear-shaped in the last 10 minutes it will get my approval and Zulu War group share :) I'm just trying to finish this wee comic first, something that you know about too well!!