Thursday, 28 April 2016

Moments of Adventure!

Printer's cover proof !

Aha, well finally I can confirm why I've been fairly quiet despite some amazing events and times these last few weeks (months? years?), the release of my new comic strip collection is here!

Suitably, the unveiling will be in my hometown (well close enough anyway!) Aberdeen at the Granite City Comic-Con show, which makes a hotly anticipated return this weekend - and kindly includes me, (wearing my Accent UK hat) on a 'Breaking into Comics' panel on it's launch event!

Not sure that Team GCCC got my image right on this one?

The comic is a new collection of four of my strips (and more) all newly re-mastered and in full glorious colour from the talented duo Matt Soffe, who coloured three of the strips and Aljoša Tomić, who does one strip and the cover, all amazing.

I will post more about contents and previews but need to be heading North to sunny Scotland for it's launch, so after recent fab events in Liverpool, Edinburgh and Birmingham - of more see Dave's always timely reports here - I'll finally be attending an event again with my own new comic, which I am soooo excited about!

A wee snippet of one of the panels!

It's been a long journey and will lead to more as I also work to finally complete the collected Zulu graphic novel (again with Matt) and onto something totally new that only a few folk know about! 

So many folks have helped and encouraged to make this happen, too many to name all here but you know who you are, so big thanks for now and see you in Aberdeen and beyond!


  1. Yay, thats great news! Are you going to be selling it online somewhere,as I don't think I'll be at any of the same shows as you this year.

  2. Thanks Rob, be a shame not to see you in person but you're right I should offer it online, I'll sort something out when I'm back from Scotland and mail you and announce on here. Thanks for your interest, been a long time coming this 😉