Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Belfast Bound...

Very happy to be heading off to Belfast later this week for the inaugural MCM Comic-Con this  weekend. Its been held at the King's Hall with full details here on MCM's site.

As I've been reporting, Dave and I under our Accent UK disguise have really embraced the MCM shows these last couple of years starting with the local Manchester, then Glasgow and Birmingham culminating in the recent London extravaganza.

These 'multi-media' shows are good fun and exceptionally well attended and combined with more 'traditional' comic shows like Glasgow Comic-con, Thought Bubble and the like give us a great platform for our books. We approach each show differently which (usually) works in improving sales and also keeps things fresh and exciting for us.

Although I've not seen Game of Thrones, I understand its a great programme and is filmed not far from Belfast and I think James Cosmo, (of GoT, Highlander, Braveheart and others fame) will be there. Actually I spotted Mr Cosmo at both the recent Birmingham and London shows and a thoroughly decent bloke he seems to be. Strangely amongst the thousands of fans around he didn't seem to recognise me from our short chat in my hometown Stonehaven some 10 odd years ago, mind you I didn't have the beard then! 

So its off to Northern Ireland for the very first time and we've been having fun wangling with the baggage allowances and the like to see how many of which titles we can bring with us, sadly I don't think they'll all fit into a single suitecase......


  1. Good luck in Belfast! I've never been to Northern Ireland either.

  2. Cheers Rob, we're quite excited about it. Its quite fun where comics take you sometimes isn't it!