Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Westernoir Book Two Reviewed

The ever reliable Down The Tube website has a great review from Jeremy Briggs of the second issue of Westernoir which I really should draw your attention to!

It includes the following quote;

"Anyone considering writing or drawing their own comic title could do a lot worse than buying, reading and analysing just how this book is written and drawn, as well as how the package as a whole is presented to its reader, because they are bound to find something in here that would improve their own work."

Gosh high praise indeed! Well done chaps but doesn't mean you can rest easy with Issue Three which is shaping up to continue and dare I say even improve on the high standards!

At the moment, Westernoir is only available directly from our website or from us at shows and festivals, but when issue four (and the first story arc) are complete, the separate issues should be listed with Diamond and available to order worldwide through your local comic retailer.

If you can't wait that long it is worth checking out artist Gary Crutchley's blog for sneaky looks at forthcoming pages and his creative process, such as this unlettered one from Book 3!

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