Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Comica Confirmed but Thought Bubbled !!

Well no sooner is LSCC finished that we can confirm that we will return to London on April 20th in the latest of the very fine Comica - Comiket Independent Comic fair!
The show is a long running one organised by comic stalwarts Paul Gravett, Peter Stansbury and Megan Donnelly and always a delight to attend with a fun atmosphere, live drawing and music soundtrack to browse the best of the UK (and sometimes further afield)'s independent comic scene.
This time sees a change of venue to the new Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design just behind Kings Cross station which looks interesting. The event has had a few change of venues over the year but each one adds something else to the mix and the change of scenery seems to help spread the comics word by each time growing the audience so no bad thing, check their website nearer the time for who's attending and full information and we hope to maybe see you there? 

Thought Bubble 2013 art by Alice Duke (@aliceduke)
One venue you now won't see us at unfortunately is this year's year's Thought Bubble comic festival in Leeds following its record sell out of exhibitor table space in only two hours! This all happened during our trip back from London the day after LSCC when the tables went on sale and sold out  a good hour quicker than our train journey home!
The organisers were also taken aback by the speed of the sale and have been very sincere in their subsequent communications and are looking at other options to try and accommodate those who like us have missed out, so you never know there may yet be a chance.
Accent UK had been ever presents at Thought Bubble, going back to the very first show in 2007 in the basement of Leeds Town Hall, where there was a modest but enthusiastic bunch of punters and exhibitors dodging the bewildered wedding guests above while gratefully receiving cakes and smiles from the organisers. Since then of course Thought Bubble has grown into the most respected comics show in the UK with an unrivalled diversity and inclusive guest and exhibitor list - this year already boasts's Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba alongside Hope Larson, Fiona Staples and more  -  so it is with great sadness that we will not be part of this year's show.
We had launched three (count 'em!) new books at last year's show and were working to launch at least one, hopefully two at this year's event so are now looking at our release schedule and what other events may be available and will update when we have further news.
We'll keep an eye on things and if we don't make it this time will hopefully will return in 2014! 
Dave West and Andy Bloor at TB 2008 (thankfully I can't lay my hands on the 2007 photos!)

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