Saturday, 1 April 2017

2017 Tour List Updated!

No it's not an April fool, but since it is April, I thought I should finally reveal our 'tour' schedule for 2017! Better late than never considering that we've already made appearances at Copenhagen in February and Liverpool in March! Both of which were fun shows, books were sold and photos taken so you never know a write-up may (or may not) follow!

One thing to note though about this year is that although we intended to return to most of last year's shows and maybe take in one or two new ones, possibly breaking 2016's record of 16 shows, this won't now be the case. Due to changing circumstances, logistics and a couple of date clashes mean that the planned DemonCon, Dunfermilne, Killarney, Oxford, Belfast and Glasgow events are now missing from our itinerary!

Replacing them though are an early return to Stoke (next weekend!) and new appearances at Enniskillen and Glenrothes and a decision to 'split' the Accent UK team to cover both September's Glasgow MCM and Leeds Thought Bubble shows which now share a date. It's not been easy and hopefully there may be one or two still to squeeze in but again shows the hopefully 'rude' health of the UK comic convention scene at the moment as there are still dozens of other shows out there that we just couldn't consider without cloning ourselves!

So there we are, keep an eye here and on twitter and facebook for further updates but still plenty of chances to catch us this coming year and see what new releases we have planned, the first of which will be available at the aforementioned Stoke Con Trent show next Sunday, where alongside yours truly, Gary Crutchley and artist Chris Przygrodzki will be in attendance to launch Tales of WesterNoir #3, Accent UK's first release of 2017!

Gary Crutchley scripted & Chris Przygrodzki illustrated!

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