Monday, 9 January 2017

The Next Day

Happy New Year to all, various family commitments and fun have kept me away from here for a little while but hope is well out there?

I would normally do a wee round up of last year but time has perhaps marched on a bit for that, but on a personal level I'll just say that 2016 was pretty good, family achievements, good health and bits n bobs. Creatively, finally releasing a comic of mine which seemed to be well received and Accent UK releasing several titles and attending more events than ever before, not always successfully but always with fun and purpose :)

There were of course some things unfinished and aims to do better this year so we'll see.

There were disappointments and sadness within our circles but that's the same for everyone and of course 2016 had its own upheavals and sadness, its how we remember and what we do next that counts.

Good Luck and Goodnight Blackstar 

* Title photo an outatke from Masayoshi Sukita's Heroes Photoshoot

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