Thursday, 4 August 2016

"action-packed" says Starburst!

Aha, this is nice, Moments of Adventure has just had its first review from Starburst magazine's Kieron Moore who I met at last weekend's Manchester show - see it's not always about the sales!

The first review's in! (from Phobias)

I'm grateful to Kieron for showing interest in my work and for taking the time to write a thoughtful review. He says some nice things " rattles along at quick pace" and also some constructive things "twists you'll probably see coming" and awards it a respectable 7 out of 10 which I'm happy with as my first foray into creating comics for a wee while.

The critics have their say! (from 'Come and Buy My Toys')

I'm not sure I've actually said a great deal on here now that Moments is finally out, mainly as I've found myself incredibly busy with working on its sequel, Zulu and of course all things Accent UK , but I'm pleased with how it turned out - thanks to the exceptional colouring talents of Matt Soffe and Aljoša Tomić - and very pleased with the reception its had at shows so far where it is developing into a steady seller!

No hiding places! (from Day of the Dead Moon)

I should do a bigger write up but Kieron's review includes a good overview of its contents and anyone keen to read it for themselves can catch up with me at a show soon - see our events list to the right, or order online through Accent UK's catalogue here.

It's okay it was a decent review! (from Ye Erymanthian Boar)


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