Thursday, 3 March 2016

Accent UK go to Oxford Town!

Something strange in Oxford this weekend?

Accent UK are revving up their tour bus again for this weekend's 'Ox-Con' in, of course, Oxford!

It's been years since we've  been there for comics but we've fond memories of the 'homely' Caption small press gatherings at various tranquil locations in Oxford but this promises to be something very different.

It's the organiser's first time but they're doing their best to make it memorable, taking place in the famous historic Examintion Schools (does this mean we have to do a test?) for starters and a good mix of comic folks, exhibitors, cosplay and media guests so hopefully will be good. They've even got an unique 'Oxford' spin on the programme of talks with a decidely more academic leaning than what perhaps we normally see, with physics, globalisation, alienation and redemption among the usual superhero and 2000AD  topics!

Here's the floor plan with Dave and I parking up at Table 9:

Following the recent Bolton, we're on a run of new (and new to us) shows coming thick and fast with MCM Liverpool and The Edinburgh Comic-con coming shortly after Oxford, so we'll see how we do, there's even rumours of someone having a new comic at one of them?

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