Thursday, 11 February 2016

1 Down 14 to Go!


Well the 2016 comic convention season is well and truly underway, Dave and Gary kicked things off last weekend with their successful trip down to Maidstone's Demon-Con, (which you can read about on their blogs here and here) and this Saturday we set up at Bolton Comic-Con!

Bolton is a new one for us but being a local one we thought we'd give it a try hearing good things about it's inaugural show last year so we'll see how we get on. You can find out show details on their facebook page here.

We'll take our full range of books but after a stock take we're getting pretty low on some, Zombies2 sold out last year and Who on Earth is Thaddeus Mist? won't be far behind it....

 ....and perennial favourite, Robots anthology is now down to it's last couple of  boxes so will also likely sell out in the first few months of the year. We normally don't reprint - last year's Zombies was an exception - so if you do fancy any of these, best grab them when you see them.    

If you've been keeping an eye on our convention list on the top right you'll see that we've a total of 15 planned at the moment for this year, with most of these already confirmed, so it promises to be a very busy one indeed, hope to see some of you around on our travels and maybe we'll surprise you with a new book or two!


  1. How was Bolton? I should probably think about going next year as it's ten minutes drive from my house...

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    2. Sadly, enjoyable and well run as the show was Rob, it wasn't a good un for comics, especially indie comics, one of our lowest selling shows for years sadly :(

      Dave West has beat me to a blog posting about it if you want a gander at my blog list on the right?

    3. Thats a shame. At least you didn't travel far.

  2. No and now we know they're not for us, can save ourselves trying some of the many other regional pop culture shows that there are and concentrate on the ones we do well at 😉