Sunday, 17 January 2016

Goodnight Blackstar

Mmm, been a strange, sad, sombre week for many. I am doing almost the same thing I was this time last week, sorting through some comic colouring related work on the laptop while listening to David Bowie's new album aka 'Blackstar'.

Like last week I will shortly be off to bed and up early in the morning playing chauffeur but unlike last week now I know that the man, the artist behind not just but the (cliche) soundtrack of my life has gone, it's a strange feeling. I posted my initial thoughts on the day the sad news broke, and the week since has been so strange surrounded by Bowie music everywhere, special programmes, tributes and it still has that unreal feeling to it.

I've been playing only his music this week - something I've always regularly done - and it's all so strong and vibrant, something that contemporary artists can't seem to match, which makes his loss more profound, but that legacy he's left behind means of course he'll never really leave us and I hope that all this attention will at least have introduced his music to a new generation who in turn will be inspired.

As for me, well Bowie's already touched my life in so many ways, I've always been hungry to learn, for new things, new places and have made several fairly big changes over the years, possibly influenced by his own restlessness. I've also though not quite been brave enough to follow through with everything, particularly my own comics work, despite having many great opportunities to do so. Has this been a fear of failure or a fear of success or something else? Who knows but as the great man once famously answered to that Proust question;

Q: What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?

A: Living in fear

All I have to do then is forget the fear and complete my own art which can't be all that difficult, after all I'll have Bowie's great music to keep my company. Goodnight.


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