Monday, 19 January 2015

2014 US Comic Show Analysis

I see that Heidi MacDonald of the always interesting, The Beat, has posted the results of their team up with The Devastator news site for an analysis of US comic shows from 2014. You may recall that they first did this last year based on replies from 46 exhibitors returning surveys which I linked to here, this year there were more than 100 responses so makes for a more informed result.

The full survey results and commentary are contained in a detailed report on The Devastator's main site here  and makes interesting reading, albeit a little harder going, given that there's so much there but they've retained their sense of humour in their concise and witty commentaries on each show.

So if, like me, you like looking at numbers and charts this is the place to go, particularly for those comic folks trying to plan their 2015 schedule of which US comic shows to apply for. There's still nothing like this for the UK or Europe that I've seen so this is the best that's out there and is still interesting in weighing up the economics of exhibiting.

For ourselves at Accent UK Towers, we've moved our attention away from the US and Canada for a bit, concentrating in the UK and Europe as we hopefully further develop our own audiences. We've already mentioned that a 're-think' of our own show schedule (thankfully) resulted in a boost in sales as we swapped uneconomical shows for more rewarding ones and we're again applying the same principals for 2015, which shouldn't be quite so radical as last year which saw us make some 6 or 7 changes to our itinerary. Watch this space for further details when available.

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