Thursday, 9 January 2014

Looking to the Future!

Happy New Year (Godt Nytår Danmark!), we made it to the future, well 2014 at least!

It's always quite exciting at New Year I think, making plans, looking back and (hopefully) feeling positive about things or at least taking positive steps to change what you weren't happy with in the previous year. Hopefully this positive attitude will last beyond the winter chills that January always seems to bring.

I'm fortunate that I'm really pleased with the way that 2013 went both personally and creatively with Accent UK venturing far and wide on our comic travels with sales, on the whole, better than before. Only real regret was (again) not completing a comic project of my own, despite having several 'in-progress', so that is something that I have to fix this year - honest!

I've made a decent start, deciding to settle on only one of my projects which is already researched and plotted so just need to draw it which is both the fun and hard part; hard to start but fun when you get into it, so we'll see. Once I'm a little more into it, I'll post more information, with the above image, one of my first of 2014, possibly being a clue but possibly not!

Accent UK have of course a few more definite plans for release this year which will be posted on our blog but I understand that our most recent title, Missing: Have You Seen The Invisible Man? has completed its distribution by those fine folks at Diamond and is in store now at your favourite local comic shop worldwide, look out for it, and see the full list of new releases for this week here!

❏ SEP130828 MISSING HAVE YOU SEEN THE INIVISIBLE MAN ONE SHOT ................................ $5.00

We've also put together our preferred 2014 schedule which is again shaping up to be a busy one with at least 11 shows, matching 2013's total, but with several new events and venues to keep things fresh. More on this once confirmations are in place and I may still squeeze in a few blog mentions of the moments of adventure time from last year, have fun this year whatever you do :)

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  1. Jings! No sooner have I posted about The Invisible Man book but word reaches me that its SOLD OUT in the US before it arrives - Wow!

    Here's Dave's post: