Sunday, 10 November 2013

Remembrance Days

Well with Remembrance Sunday today and the armistice anniversary tomorrow, I like the nation have been in a rather reflective mood so dug out Accent UK's very first anthology book from back in early 2003 after our first meeting in a former cotton mill in Stockport, appropriately enough on armistice day, November 2002.
The book itself is long since out of print and I've had to scan the pages from my contribution from my file copy so apologies for the quality reproduced here. It was an interesting time for all of us involved born out of the very early comic shows in Bristol, although sadly there seems to be only Dave West and I left from the contributors list, still involved in the British indie comics scene today?
For more information on Remembrance Day and the Poppy appeal, see the British Legion.   


  1. I remember that story - really nicely done.

  2. Thanks Garen, it was a wee while ago now but still relevant perhaps.

  3. Yep, nicely portrayed Colin ... it's nice, looking back, that Accent UK have been a consistent focus for the changing lists of contributors year by year.

  4. Ah,stumbled on this post again and should note that I subsquently did locate the original artwork from this story, which I re-lettered and had coloured by the talented Aljosa Tomic for inclusion in the second collection of my Moments of Adventure series (the blue cover one), which you are welcome to seek out - see more recent posts!