Friday, 18 October 2013

Missing Frank!

Well the only disappointing aspect of attending this weekend's Lakes Comic Festival in Kendal is taht we'll miss the biggest event in Timperley's calendar with the unveiling of the legendary Frank Sidebottom's statue! Frank's alter-ego Chris Sievey was a one man wonder in promoting Timperley in his music, TV shows and broadcasts in the late 80's, 90's and beyond before sadly succumbing to cancer 3 years ago.

I never had the chance to meet Chris, put I was certainly aware of Frank and had seen him on the telly back while still living in Scotland, most likely on Channel 4's the Tube or some such, he was quite unforgettable in his distinctive paper mache head ! So I was aware of Timperley's existence as Frank (and Little Frank's) cherished home long before we made it our own home some 15 years ago (gosh is it really that long!).

There has been a determined campaign to remember Chris and the spotlight he gave Timperley and the donations raised in his memory have resulted in a fantastic looking statue set to be unveiled in the heart of Timperley village this Sunday at 11:37, so while I won't be there in person I will be there in spirit and will make a point of having a wee stroll into Timperley on my return to see the fantastic statute in its pride of place.

Donations are still being invited to go towards the Marie Curie Cancer charity here.

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