Friday, 20 September 2013

Scottish Scoff!

With all my attention during the recent trip 'home' taken with football and comics, I failed to bring back a single item of traditional Scottish fayre much to everyone's disappointment. I'm pleased to report then that the far more diligent Mrs M has done us proud with the very impressive haul above delivered after her trip North helping Adam get settled in at uni.

Everything pictured comes with a government health warning as most tasty Scottish treats are unfortunately bad for you! Rest assured though that the haggis and mealie puddings will go to a good home as we and our freezer indulge ourselves over the coming weeks.

Sadly the very impressive gallon of whisky (gulp!) is not directly for us but very kindly donated by Mrs M's father for a forthcoming Scouts auction, if you feel lucky?

Oh and I had been thinking of upgrading my laptop for a tablet so Mrs M brought back a couple of these interesting Scottish ones for me to try!

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